Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses can you help?

We are a great fit for businesses who provide a service for consumers, operate in a local or regional market and have less than 25 employees. We can also be a good fit for some B2B businesses, depending on the marketing goals.

Common businesses we are not a good fit for:
eCommerce, products, restaurants, real estate, technology, fashion, travel, photography, personal brands

How long does it take to build a website?

On average, websites launch within 4 to 6 weeks from project start. If you are trying to meet a specific deadline, let us know and we can provide you with options.

Do your websites work on mobile devices (responsive)?

Yes, we believe our mobile designs are some of the best you’ll find anywhere. We put a high emphasis on making sure the website experience on a mobile device is second-to-none.

Do you outsource your projects or send work overseas?

All of our work is performed in-house by our United States based team. No subcontractors and no outsourcing.

Do your plans include search engine optimization (SEO)?

Our plans include on-site technical search engine optimization that ensures search engines can easily read and rank your website. For some businesses, this is enough to reach your desired search rank. Others may need additional SEO services, like content and local search optimizations, both of which are included in our Premium plan.

Our approach can be thought of as a General Practitioner who focuses on overall SEO health. Depending on your competition and market, you may need to work with a search engine optimizer in a specialized field to meet your goals. We are more than happy to make a referral for specialized services, if needed.

Do you build eCommerce websites (websites with a shopping cart & checkout)?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to build eCommerce websites. However, if selling products is not a core component of your business, we can integrate with third-party eCommerce platforms, like Square or Shopify, using links and widgets. If selling products online is a core component of your business, we recommend working with a full service marketing agency who can offer a full suite of marketing services.

I’ve received quotes much higher or lower than your plans. How can there be such a large difference?

Shopping for a new website is similar to shopping for a car. Websites, like cars, have different classifications, trims, financing and ownership models. However, unlike cars, it’s not always as clear what features are must-haves for your website. It’s possible you’re getting a quote for a used car with 200k miles on it, or even worse, a monster truck.

You can think of us as the new, dependable, low-maintenance SUV with an awesome warranty and service plan, oil changes included! Our website plans strike a balance between features, performance and price. We focus on aspects that provide the most long term value for small businesses.