I get asked from time to time questions like: Why do you use WordPress?, What do you like about WordPress?, or Aren’t there better platforms than WordPress?.¬†Notice any common elements to these questions? I get lots of questions since I primarily use WordPress for my clients.

The answer is pretty simple, it’s KISS! (KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid)

I’ve found that WordPress enables me to successfully deliver solutions to 99% of my clients and the results meet my basic requirements which include things like ease of updating, extendable, and affordability.

WordPress (at it’s core) is easy to update. After having used other CMS platforms in the past for clients, I can attest that WordPress is by far the best when it comes to updating to the newest release. Since I started using WordPress, I don’t think there have been any releases that I couldn’t upgrade to with a single click. The plugins I use (which I do my best to keep minimal) are a different story but that’s to no fault of WordPress.

The number of pre-built plugins and 3rd party functionality available to WordPress is second to none. There are lots of really great CMS platforms out there to use, but WordPress has them beat for the general user since there is such a vast number of plugins available on the WordPress repository.

Affordability is a major factor for myself and my clientele. I work primarily with small businesses and often times non-profit organizations. Paying for costly development or product upgrades/membership fees is just not an option in most cases. Luckily, WordPress is free and the majority of the plugins we use on projects are either free to be customized on a per need basis or cost a low onetime/monthly fee.

So if you’re considering what CMS to choose to launch you new website, or if your designer/marketing agency has suggesting using WordPress, maybe these words will help ease your mind about the choice. We use WordPress for most of our clients and plan to do so as long as it remains the most stable and user friendly CMS we’ve tried.